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A business without purpose will become worthless over time


Our purpose is to unlock long-term value for all through regeneration. Our purpose and our values of imagination, intelligence and audacity infuse our projects and bring them to life. Understanding and meeting the needs of all our stakeholders is key. As a result, we know that performance can no longer be described or reported in purely monetary terms, but in delivery and actions too.

Since we were formed, our purpose has helped drive sustainable long-term socio-economic value for our communities and partners, whilst delivering financial returns for our investors.


A relationship built on trust

We have built a close and trusted network of partners over a number of years. From public bodies and local authorities, to contractors, investors and architects, we bring together the best people to challenge ideas and keep innovating. We are not afraid to test ourselves; to get to the unvarnished truth.

We spoke to 75 senior decision-makers in the public and private sector to find out what they think of us and what we need to improve. The trust and relationships we’ve built with these partners over time creates new opportunities and supports our success in planning.

The four Ts 

We are focused on three high-growth geographies – London City Region (within one hour’s commute from London), Manchester and Birmingham. In each of these regions we have an intimate understanding of local communities, their cultures, histories and evolving needs.

These regions share a number of positive attributes we look for, including growing populations and strong, sustainable employment dynamics. Crucially too, they share four major factors we believe drive and sustain economic growth – talent, tourism, transport and tolerance – giving them huge, and exciting, long-term potential.

Thoughts with solutions 

We will never shy away from difficult conversations or complex issues. We challenge conventions, call for change and promote innovation across the property sector to help find solutions. This means listening to partners, change-makers and risk takers, commissioning research and facilitating conversations to bring about real change that can transform our industry – its practices and perception – for the better. Public Private Partnerships (PPP) are a case in point.


We believe that, done well, PPPs can deliver value and release potential for everyone; but that is not how they are seen currently. We spent months listening to key voices, from politicians and developers to community activists and councillors. Our aim was to understand the major issues and gauge what people really want and need. 

Placemaking, culture and heritage 

Every building or piece of land has a soul and a story. For us, true regeneration is about working with that heritage and history to inspire the places of the future.We spend time with and in local communities to understand their hopes and aspirations so we can deliver places that they and future generations can be proud of. 

Worthwhile use of spaces 

We know that when we listen, we make better places and communities. The moment we secure a site, we open our doors to make use of spaces and places, starting conversations, adding value to communities and creating benefits that last. These include opportunities for independent businesses to grow and develop, cultural experiences, and places to meet, eat, drink, have fun and try new things.

Other developers call this Meanwhile Use. We call it Worthwhile Use – not a temporary nice-to-have but an integral part of our regeneration process and an essential connection with local communities. It’s about a social responsibility.

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